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Mandatory Building Inspections in Ringwood

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Mandatory Building Inspections ensures the safety, security and practicality of a new or old building for its inhabitants.

Protek Building Surveying Pty Ltd are expert building inspectors and surveyors with over 17 years experience. Call us today to discuss your personalised requirements with our experienced team.

Victorian Building Regulations

Protek Building Surveying Pty Ltd ensures that Australian Building Codes are strictly respected whenever we are inspecting or surveying a construction site or an old building.

These building regulations are essential as they advocate a general standard for the construction and demolition of buildings. Mandatory inspection is an objective method to ensure the safety and security of a building’s inhabitants by advising on any renovation or maintenance work that is needed.

Maintaining and respecting Australian building laws

Mandatory Building Inspections Ringwood,
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Mandatory Building Inspections

Protek Building Surveying Pty Ltd performs mandatory building inspections to certify the construction feasibility and safety of the building in compliance with the Building Act 1993.

As such, our team of surveyors inspects the foundation and excavation stage before the concrete is poured. We also perform a professional inspection of the masonry work during construction to detect wall cavities and look for other structural defects that can prove hazardous in the future.

Effective and prompt building inspections

Mandatory Building Inspections Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

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