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Building Consulting in Ringwood VIC

The role of a building consultant is to identify construction defects and performing an overall inspection of the building in general.

Protek Building Surveying provides expert inspections and surveying services for your property and building. Contact us today to arrange a consultation on your property. 

Professional Building Consultant

Our team of competent building consultants provide expertise on issues that might occur before, during and after the construction of your building.

Protek Building Surveying building consultants shall advise you on the many factors affecting the structure of your building, be it environmental, social or economical.

We give expert advice on both residential and commercial developments throughout the construction process.

''Providing practical advice on your investment''

Residential Building Consultant

With over 13 years experience, Protek Building Surveying has become the reference in building inspection and surveying. Our building consultants ensure the progress of your construction projects at every stage.

Our residential building consultant tasks include:

  • Inspecting and assessing properties
  • Advising clients on maintenance, reparations and renovation works needed
  • Ensuring safety standards and norms compliance
  • Communicate with architects, engineers and builders to find solutions

''Ensuring safety and conformity throughout the entire construction process''

Building Permits Ringwood, VIC,
Building Permits Doncaster East

Our Inspection Services Include:

  • Building and property surveying
  • Issuing building permits
  • Building consulting
  • Compiling detailed report

Hire the services of an experienced building consultant

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